Hey guys, it’s Christmas. I WILL DRAW YOU SOME SHIT.

Stealing this from lettherebecramp. Since it’s Christmas (and other holidays), any one of my followers can request a thing for me to draw and I will draw it! I MEAN IT. So reply to this or leave a thing in my askbox with your request, because you guys are just great and I don’t know how you put up with me half the time. <3

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    I MEAN IT PEOPLE. Reblogging to remind those who haven’t requested anything/didn’t see it the first time.
  2. blessyoupineapple said: uhhhmmmm…hmmm…draw our fantrolls together! :D
  3. baphomeme said: Would you draw C R A M P? ;w; She would look SOOOOO COOOOOOOL in your style!
  4. dragonshuffle said: Nezeki VS Raptura fight pic go!